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Geospatial and Information Technologies for Public & Private Organisations

Computer engineering

I have an experience of over 15 years in computer engineering, particularly in designing physical and logical architectures for operational and business intelligence systems on behalf of many public administrations. I am experienced in developing business standards, applications, and reporting tools, which most often integrate a strong geographic component.

As part of these projects, I was brought to install, configure and administer software stacks for DNS, mail, active directory and authentication services, as well as technical solutions for backup, file transfer, web broadcasting, or more specific ones dedicated to service-oriented architectures and geographic information systems.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS are key component to many public authorities information systems. I have been conceptualising and deploying more than twenty information systems for local and national authorities in European Union (Finland and Estonia – 4 years: WFD, international waters), in CIS (Russia – 9 years: forest, wild fauna, greenhouse gases emission reduction, transboundary water) and North Africa (Algeria – 8 years: water management, land planning, health management, environment protection).

Training and capacity building

I am experienced in training and capacity building, including institutional and legal framework development for information infrastructure deployment. I have very good writing skills and a long practise of elaborating advancement and compliance reports.

Information system auditing

I have an extensive auditing experience, whether for auditing information systems management (Cobit), their operations (ITIL) or security (EBIOS). I carried out comprehensive systems auditing on behalf of UNDP (N°00061871) and of European Commission (mid-term evaluation of MESA Programme over ten ACP countries, evaluation of MESA Programme performance at national level over six ACP countries, PAGEF in Senegal, and PITDD in Haiti).

International experience

I worked as project manager in Russia for IGN-FI subsidiary of the French National Geographic Institute specialised in overseas operations (1995-2002) before being appointed commercial engineer in Estonia by BRGM, the French Geological Survey (2002-2006). In Algeria I have been in charge of information systems deployment for the Algerian Ministry of Water Resources (EuropeAid/ 122241/C/SER/DZ and ENPI/2010/21829), the Algerian Ministry of Industry (ANIREF - ENPI/2011/ 260-651 and UNDP N°00061871), the Algerian Health Ministry (ENPI/2011/263-480), as well as the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable development (P3A).

Curriculum Vitae (fr)

Version française, format standard exigé par la Commission européenne.

Curriculum Vitae (en)

English Version following the standard format required by the European Commission.

Employers Certificates

A 28-page document containing all certificates of employers since 1994 for the projects in which I took part.

Education & Training

Keeping pace with technological evolution is challenging. Continuous training is the best way to succeed.

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Jean-Pierre Houix

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